Verenia, Creators Of EosCPQ, Launch Partnership With Leading Investor In Manufacturing World

EosCPQ, from parent company Verenia, is a cloud cpq system that gives customers the ability to do on-demand pricing, proposal generation, and eCommerce. Specializing in helping manufacturers modernize their sales processes, EosCPQ allows companies to efficiently streamline their products and sales operations from an open opportunity to an order from any device, anytime, anywhere. "Businesses around the world are looking for ways to create deeper connections with their customers," said Victorio Pellicano, CEO, Verenia. "Organizations who implement our complete Product Configuration solution are more likely to develop a one-of-a-kind relationship with their customers and dealers that they do not have access to anywhere else. "

Two of Freedman Seating's business units, Freedman Seating Company in Chicago, IL and Freedman Mobility Seating in Rochester, IN, are planning to implement EosCPQ.

Craig Freedman, President of Freedman Seating Company said, "We believed so strongly in the software and the culture of Verenia, that we decided to invest in the company as well as use their software. I have every confidence that Verenia will not just be our software vendor, but our partner in finding solutions to the business problems we face."

Freedman Seating Company's commitment to support the modernization of manufacturing through such partnerships has long been a significant contribution to the industry. Freedman is also involved in Chicago's Digital Manufacturing facility that was recently granted $70 million from The Department of Defense; making the cutting-edge research hub's budget $320 million, which is expected to rise as more partners invest.

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