Rainbow Play Systems Goes Live With EosCloudStore Configurator

Verenia is pleased to announce that our client Rainbow Play Systems Inc. is launching a Design-a-Swing-Set configurator from their website today that is built with and powered by our EosCloudStore Configurator and eCommerce digital platform.  The tool not only allows consumers to design their own custom playset and submit it for a quote, but it is also integrated into Rainbow Play Systems’ enterprise Salesforce.com solution, creating a seamless process for a consumer to design and request a quote, automatically generating a dealer lead,  thus facilitating the completion of the sale for customized products.

 “Today's launch represents a perfect example of the market’s need for better, more robust tools for make-to-order (MTO) and configure-to-order (CTO) manufacturers,” said Victorio Pellicano, CEO/CTO of Verenia.  “Customers with complex products and services do not want to allocate large portions of their budgets to redesign their custom website every year or two to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technology.”

“Product configurators have traditionally been internal tools that facilitate communication between engineering and sales departments.  Or worse yet, recent external CPQ projects were, and still can be, a sizable line item on a company’s budget for custom web development,” warned Jason Colosky, VP of Sales and Marketing at Verenia.  “But now, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to regularly update systems in order to offer current tools for customers to interact with their products, companies can harness the solution’s capabilities of EosCloudStore—a strong, visual (CPQ) configurator and eCommerce solution that is cost-effective,  easy to implement and easy to use.”

 “Rainbow Play Systems kicked off the project in January of 2015 and was able to quickly create their Design-a-Swing-Set tool with simple training and support from Verenia,” Pellicano said.  “We designed EosCloudStore and its maintenance tools to be used by the company product experts, not by programmers or expensive contract consultants.  We believe in putting the power of the platform into the hands of our customers, supporting their projects and providing solution services only upon request.”  

See Rainbows “design a playset”  configurator in live action here