NetSuite Partners With Verenia To Give NetSuite Users 100% Native Configure Price Quote Abilities With Sole CPQ.

Verenia, makers of EosCPQ, have recently partnered with NetSuite to launch a seamless Configure Price Quote solution with capabilities that bring value to NetSuite users across all verticals.

It was also crucial the CPQ be deliverable to all facets of NetSuite, including the quoting in the CRM, Order Entry and to the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform.  Being native to the platform made designing the connections easy, and ensures long-term integration will be simple.

The software delivers a powerful sales and manufacturing tool that automates pricing, quotes and production work orders all deployed within the NetSuite system.

“Over the years, it's become pretty clear that our customers like the simplicity and consistency of the NetSuite user interface.” Said Gavin Davidson, Manufacturing Vertical Lead of NetSuite. “Because of that, I am thrilled that Verenia has chosen to build their full featured CPQ solution, Sole CPQ, on the NetSuite SuiteCloud platform.”

Sole users receive immediate compatibility and pricing results after each configuration choice is made. Guided selling with cross sell and upsell options, pricing and product images provide an enhanced and rich user experience during the quote and order process. Sophisticated error proofing validation, pricing logic and shipping are all provided in real-time resulting in a quote or order depending on where the configuration originated (Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order).

Once the configuration is complete, that quote or order created using Sole will seamlessly be available in NetSuite, with configured BOMs and routings and pricing becoming a work order inside the NetSuite platform, all in one unified process within the system.

About Sole

Sole, was developed to help Netsuite users sell complex products and services quickly and more efficiently. Created by the makers of EosCPQ, a cloud Quote Order, Configuration and B2B eCommerce platform, Sole is Netsuite’s only native CPQ platform that facilitates instant knowledge based sales quoting and configuration tools that are launched as an embedded system within Netsuite Quotes, Orders and Opportunities. Organizations using Sole will sell smarter, faster and harness intelligence of the best salesperson and engineer.  

“The feedback from Netsuite sales and solution staff has been extremely positive and Sole has been very well received by the network of NetSuite professionals as well as the first customers who have expressed interest in the unique embedded configuration system in NetSuite.” State Jason Colosky, VP of Sales at Verenia.

Key Features

  • Easy to implement and use product configuration system seamlessly integrated into NetSuite

  • Error proof your sales and get the right product every time for any complex good or service

  • Flexible and dynamic pricing logic options to meet unique business requirements

  • Powerful Validations allow tight control to ensure valid configurations, proper notifications, and eliminate invalid selections

  • Bills of Materials, Routings, Pricing and dynamic work orders

NetSuite’s Sole Native CPQ, Sole

  • Standard integration to NetSuite includes initiation of the configurator from a NetSuite opportunity, a NetSuite Quote, a NetSuite Order, or NetSuite eCommerce.

  • Creates configurations from the NetSuite Quote and NetSuite Order screens.

  • Seamlessly configures products and proposals, embedded directly into NetSuite.

  • NetSuite customer information captured to populate proposals .

  • Automatically creates bills of materials and routings, and work orders in NetSuite.

  • Users can leverage existing  BOM , routing and pricing data from NetSuite.

  • Dynamically generates part numbers/items on the fly when required.

About Verenia

Verenia provides organizations with leading Cloud, CPQ (Configure Price Quote) order management and product configuration software solutions that are customizable and can be tailored specifically for the customers special work flow processes and product requirements. Designed to be simple to use and easy to implement and maintain while supporting integrations into existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and other business software. EosCPQ  was designed to create error free and professional sales quotes and orders for customized product and services configurations accurately on any device, from anywhere, anytime.  Many successful, innovative organizations use and rely on EosCPQ, the Cloud CPQ platform redefining industries worldwide, including Freedman Seating, KZ-RV, Rainbow Play Systems, Yates Cylinders, Elliott Tool Technologies. For more information and to request a demo of EosCPQ visit