Liberty and Choice





In the United States an inherent part of the American Dream is the ability to make choices. And while the economic market has not been as strong as it once was, drastically narrowing many choices, one thing still holds true: the Made in America brand still holds strong.

So what will help spur us further along as a country? What will make us a steady force that will make other parts of the world take notice once again? Innovation.

Innovation is what will solve the complex challenges we have endured as not just a common society, but as a global society. New technology is the catalyst that will strengthen and drive our economic improvement. Even though for many, change heightens the senses and invokes uneasiness, it also improves life in its totality.

Markets are changing but technology and innovation give us a fighting chance to improve upon building opportunity in the midst of industry shifts and business strategies. As the Fourth of July approaches, it’s important to remember we have the curiosity as a country and as a culture that rewards eagerness and encourages learning from failure, which in turn promotes choices.

Happy Fourth of July,