The Many Systems of Quoting and eCommerce


At Verenia, we strive to help companies combine and use of an all-in-one platform for quoting, sales, and engineering.

There are a variety of ways that companies can harvest the many systems of Quoting and eCommerce Verenia offers. Between the ability to track opportunities and potential deals, to maintaining an online showcase of products, once companies understand what each system can do, they understand the reasoning behind just why they need them.


One of the most important parts of business and eCommerce are potential new clients.

CRM systems are an excellent way of tracking opportunities, ideas, future clients, and potential deals.

Beyond CRM, Verenia has a fully integrated program to help businesses track inventory and various company financials through using an ERP system.

Beyond ERP

The ERP software system has its limits, though. For pricing and quoting, companies typically need a system that is a cut above, even one utilizing Microsoft Excel or a CPQ.

But for some businesses, even Microsoft Excel or a CPQ doesn’t do the job in terms of pricing and quoting, which Verenia is skilled in developing a custom system to suit specific company needs.


A manufacturing system many companies don’t realize can be used to their advantage is CAD. CAD can help businesses create a variety of materials to send out to both clients and staff. Just a few things business can create with CAD are: bills of materials, routings, and drawings.


Possibly one of the most important online, eCommerce tools essential for businesses to utilize to garner and maintain business, is a company website. For many, a website will be the absolute in terms of selling points and showcasing what a business has to offer. There are so many tools available to companies for building an impressive and professional site, from Wordpress to Drupal.

Websites are also at their best when custom designed, especially when coded with a CMS that is updatable. This is just another way that Verenia has helped companies showcase their services to the most important people work should be showcased to: the customers.

You can see how the many systems of Quoting and eCommerce are each essential in their own way to the success of any business in this post-recession, Age of Technology economy. At the core of Verenia’s mission, we pride ourselves in helping companies combine these systems into a one-stop shop, for both ease of use and increase in company productivity.

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