The Customer Is King


The great political and economic philosopher Thomas Hobbes once said that in the state of nature, life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” In today’s volatile economy - where technology has given rise to a host of burgeoning companies and everyone seems to have their hands on the few, available pieces of pie - the customer’s happiness and overall satisfaction has risen to the highest of priorities.

Little stops your competitors from emulating the very sweat and blood of the products and services your company provides. Truly, contemporary commerce is like the state of nature Hobbes philosophized about. For this, there is one solution to rise above that short-lived life of a company fighting within the state of nature that is modern commerce: treating the customer as king.

At times, it is easy to lose sight of how important the customer is to your business. Your idea is worth its weight in gold - the customers will come naturally. If they don’t appreciate your inspiration and vision, then they aren’t worth it…right?

Nothing could be more wrong than this attitude as an entrepreneur in the post-recession economy.

Without customers,visions and inspiration - nothing more than ideas in a world of concrete things - are nothing. Without customers, you don’t have a business, you have a think tank. For some, this is a tough thing to grapple with. Your business and the thought process that went into it do - without a doubt - hold a great deal of value. What makes a true entrepreneur, though, is the ability to move beyond this world of good ideas into the universe of great, money-making possibility.

There are several key components to both treating and valuing the customer as king.

The first is to understand that the customer sees things from their perspective, which becomes their reality.

Every customer comes from a different place than you and your business. They have a different backstory, different needs, different life experience, and an overall different place in life. Their experience with you is therefore their reality. So to you, they may not be right; but to them it’s all they know and can understand.

The second important part of treating the customer as king is understanding that the easiest way to garner and maintain a relationship with your customer is to both charm them and keep them happy.

It seems almost common knowledge when you hear that studies have shown time and again that customer-focused business models work best when you have customers returning again and again because they are happy, rather than constantly having to rely on new customers for the bulk of your business. Doing this by placing your customer at the position of king, and focusing on Customer Segmentation that tailors the experience to each type of customer for the maximum effect, will set your business a cut above the rest.

There is one, final point that is important to remember when dealing within a customer-centric universe: not much can damage your business more than a bad customer experience.

Both the beauty and pitfall of social media is that it’s given everyone with access to the Internet a voice. This makes for a slippery slope when it comes to customer experience - if a customer complains, that complaint has the potential to spread to every section of the Internet, every corner of the world. And if there’s one thing to remember above all else, it’s that without customers there is no business.

This modern economy may be more like Hobbes’ state of nature than ever before. But for those that play the game, fight for their business, and elevate the customer to its rightful place as king, the “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” life of a business just may never come to pass. And this is where a good quoting or eCommerce system comes into play. By utilizing a seamless system of quoting, ordering, inventory control, and ticketing – wrapped into one package alongside a stellar website and customer service experience – the customer as king is obvious. Bad customer experiences can be virtually eliminated through a positive eCommerce experience, which will in turn keep your business right alongside the customer at the top.

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