The Challenges of Selling a Consumer Product Through eCommerce


Think about the last time you purchased something. Anything. A truck. A car. A sofa. A new fishing pole. In spite of all your experiences as a business-buyer or purchaser - within your day-to-day business life - for that purchase, you were an end-user. You weren’t bargaining wholesale per-unit costs, you didn’t have any inside-specs or knowledge of what you were buying.

You were simply the customer ready to spend hard-earned money on a product.

If you acted as most customers do, you went through the usual channels to research, compare, cost, and analyze your purchase. Especially if it was a bigger purchase - such as an R.V., a car, a home, or a boat. The more information that was made available to you on the products, the better. And like any of the vast majority of consumers in the world with a computer, tablet, or SmartPhone, you likely went to the company’s website - their online retail channel.

A company’s online channels are, in the current state of business and sales, perhaps the most important channel to reach out to potential and recurring customers. eCommerce provides for so much opportunity. Connection through social media. Ease of access to reviews and safety information. Ease of cost-comparison. Ease of searching. The possibilities for companies to use the Internet to connect with and garner customers are virtually endless.

However, there are still challenges of selling a consumer product through eCommerce as well. Arguably, the biggest one is a bad website.

Companies like KingFisher and KZ-RV have harnessed what it means for a business to use their online channels to connect with end-user consumers in an effective and user-friendly way. There was a time when websites were for simply contact information and a mission statement. Sometimes you could find pixelated photos of products sold, and they were rarely - if ever - updated when new products came available. By contrast today, a business must harness its website as a fully-integrative experience for the customer.

There are a few, basic principles any business selling products directly to end-users must understand by when hosting a website in expectation of sales:



  1. Your website must be visually attractive, easy to navigate, and relevant;

  2. Your website must showcase the company’s products, preferably with specs, details, reviews, and search filters;

  3. Your retail channels and online channels must all be on the same page, to ensure consumers build trust with your website and its content;

  4. Your social media must be used well in conjunction with your website (or don’t use it); and,

  5. Your business must be realistic in terms of how much goes into setting up and maintaining all the aspects and promotion through search engine optimization of your eCommerce website.

Without a showcase of the products available to end-users, customers have no real understanding of what is available to them. Moreover, in an era where eCommerce is expected to outpace all other channels of retail sales in the coming years, there is nothing stopping your customer from moving on to another business that makes the information and research readily available.

As a customer, you wanted only the best in terms of your buying experience the last time you made that purchase. That included trusting the company and its website, and finding the products showcased for your review. No matter how big or small the purchase was, the comfort in knowing what you were spending your money on was essential to your buying experience.

Your customers deserve that same buying experience, and Verenia’s EoSCloudStore is the perfect tool to help you give them just that.

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