Taking Action. 3 Ways To Make Your Organization More Competitive With Analytics

Data is at the very forefront of action. There is a reason a task is done, or a meeting is set, and usually it’s to either correct a previous action that may not be garnering the results anticipated or to plan a future action. The process of taking action must be done based on one’s metrics and analytics collected from data, whether from marketing research or statistics previously put together by analysts. So when management and team members decide to make these analytics actionable, what they need to concentrate on is, extracting data and analyzing it in order to drive actions that will have a positive outcome. Whether that be making a bigger effort in sales tactics or maybe taking a different approach in an outdated tactic.

The importance of taking the analytic insight and turning it into actions is key in order to stay competitive in your environment through advantages over other companies. Here are 3 top tier ways of staying competitive by turning analytics into actions for your team.

1.Control Your Success

People, and managers especially use analytics to understand what is already happening but at times have trouble at looking beyond to the “why.” By understanding the patterns that your data has uncovered, you can tweak your team efforts in order to gain future success.

2. Nurture Your Analytics

Having an effective analytics culture embedded in your company culture translates into having more advanced data management processes, technology and talent that is willing to work along with metrics in order to create a roadmap for success that will continually innovate and motivate.

3. You Have Nothing to Fear

While it was the great FDR who coined the phrase, “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself” during his first inaugural address, the words still hold true. Those companies who are continuously asking themselves and pushing their organizations by continually improving, do so because they are constantly asking those hard questions that others may not want to know. Although it’s human nature to be a bit frightened about asking hard questions of yourself and those around you, without them there is no way to improve on past mistakes.

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