More Than Features - Here Are 5 Benefits of Product Configurators


You hear us talk a lot about CPQ, quoting, order and eCommerce in our blogs, on our website, and in many of our press releases. But ultimately, the Product Configurator features are only as powerful as the benefits. So what are the benefits of having a Product Configurator in place? I’m going to assume that if you are reading this blog, you have somewhat of an idea what features come with a Product Configurator: visualization, dealer portals, correct pricing, option validation, the list goes on. We’ve narrowed down the main benefits for the sake of time, and cohesiveness below. So next time you begin to ponder the actual benefits of a Product Configurator you won’t waste tons of time doing countless Google searches.

Knowledge is Power - Give It To Them

Giving your customers the ability to educate themselves on not just your products, but your sales process and how simple and efficient it is to buy products and services from you, is something your organization should constantly be looking into. A good Product Configurator should be transparent enough in its steps of creating their end goal and should give insight on the process of building and accessorizing each element. This process can shed light on a journey they may never have thought of before or give them insight into the product they’re going to ultimately purchase.


Help Customers Reach Their Goals - And Go Beyond

Customers are constantly attempting to not only reach their goals, but exceed them. Their sales teams have quotas to meet and deals to close. Well-standing members of an organization want a system that is more than fully functional and they want something that grows with them and helps them achieve success from all aspects of their job responsibilities. IT and Engineers want more than to merely build quotes and spend time trouble-shooting multiple platforms that are slow and faulty; they want a system that is intelligent enough to understand their system and their organization. A Product Configurator can not only help sales meet their monthly and yearly quota, but also help the marketing team via brand building and visualization tools as well as help IT and engineers of an organization do what they were brought on to do, and not be tethered to doing tasks that can be done via an intelligent platform. Saved time is saved money, in all scenarios of business.


 Peace of Mind

Products, no matter how complex and difficult to quote in the more traditional sense, can be tied together with CRM and ERP platforms that are already integrated into the organization’s system. A robust and efficient Product Configurator should always integrate into existing systems. This is done for various reasons, but most importantly to reduce double data and the trouble of having various platforms that don’t talk to one another. A great Product Configurator should give you peace of mind that your systems will run smoothly with minimal bugs.


Have The Selling Be Done For You

When you rely on a person, whether they be a knowledgeable sales-person or an engineer with years of product knowledge, to help quote you are opening yourself up to not just human errors but also a very timely quoting process. Whether that process includes speaking to a person in a given organization through an 800 number during the business hours of a day or having a person quote and organize a proposal for you that may take a few days to a week, it all takes time. With a proper Product Configurator you are relying on science and technology that is meant to be used at any given time without the need to have a live person cross checking for accuracy. The system does it side-by-side with your clients validating and cross selling with minimal effort from your sales and engineering team.


Increase Reach in Sales Opportunities

If you don’t already have a system in place that is not only user friendly but available to your customers at any time from anywhere, you are losing business. An organization that relies on sales and product engineers’ business hours to put together quotes is completely disregarding an immense and core group that does a lot of their shopping off peak hours, whether that be over weekends or evening hours. This is not even considering your have customers who are in completely different time-zones than your distribution and headquarters. With the implementation of Product Configurator that ties into your eCommerce you can essentially have a shop open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That magnitude of available time is like having a sales and engineer available at ALL times. This idea is further put into motion by the growth of B2B eCommerce and the impact that furthering technology is putting on organizations of all sizes.

EosCPQ by the EosCloudStore platform has all these benefits. Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a demo. No Strings attached, just great software.