Decreasing Your Sales Cost By 90%


Unless your company is already utilizing a fully-integrative, online self-service eCommerce environment for online channeling of sales, you are probably spending much more money than you should to manage the sales end of your business.

About 90% more.

In 2013, Forrester surveyed top B2B eCommerce executives on the transition of offline to online consumership. At the time, 52 percent of them reported that migrating formerly offline-only customers to online purchasing reduced their customer support costs.

Just one year later, the pioneer in B2B eCommerce - Grainger - stated outright that 94 percent of its 2014 revenue growth came from exclusive online sales.

Forrester now states that B2B companies can expect to decrease their sales costs by up to 90 percent by guiding customers to an online self-service eCommerce environment.

There are several ways this transition saves your business money.

First, it reduces the amount of sales personnel needed on site at any given time, particularly in the event of products that are end-user ready and being sold either through retail or online channels.

Second, moving companies to a primarily online platform for all its purchase orders, website management, inventory tracking, financial records, and overall sales quoting, creates a more efficient software system that eliminates the need for costly overlapping of managing systems within the company.

In short: transitioning your business to a one-stop-shop or all-in-one, online self-service eCommerce environment is more efficient. And more efficiency means more savings.

Verenia’s EOSCloudStore is a fully-integrative business tool that can bring this next level of online business solutions to your company.

We utilize CRM to track your potential deals. We incorporate Excel, a CPQ, or a custom system to integrate your quoting and pricing systems. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps track inventory and financials, and CAD (computer-aided design) is utilized to create materials, routings and drawings - all integrated alongside your fully functional website that showcases online purchasing of your products.

It is, at times, overwhelming to think of all the doors that eCommerce can open for burgeoning businesses in this volatile economy. Grabbing hold of the technologies available, like Verenia’s EOSCloudStore, won’t only save your business money, but set you a cut above the others still struggling to grapple with an offline-only consumer base within an online era.