Considering an Investment in Configuration Software? These Steps Will Guide You Through Your Journey


A Configurator and eCommerce solution is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially since it is a decision that will alter all areas of your organization. So how do you decide on the correct CPQ ( Configuration, Price, Quote) solution for your business? We’ve outlined a few steps in choosing a solution that not only fits with your business, but works for and alongside your business. One commonality for all companies that decide to take the leap into the CPQ world: you have all decided that your company is at a crossroads and it’s time to take control.

Whether you currently create sales quotes using homegrown tools such as Excel and Word or you’re attempting to establish better ways to offer end users and dealers an effective way to visually see products being built, a CPQ would be a great resource to implement. There are a multitude of reasons that organizations want to implement a CPQ, but first thing’s first: realize what you need and not just what you want.

Step 1: Figure Out Pain Points In Order to Figure Out What You Need

Every business can run at a more efficient rate and speed, but it’s important to take into consideration what you can fix by meeting with representatives from each department and then reviewing results. Marketing, Operations, and Sales are just a few of the groups of your organization that constantly need to be measured for effectiveness and quality. A configurator would greatly benefit the efficiency all of these departments, so it is critical to see their viewpoints.

Step 2: Find the Right Software Solution

Before settling on a company that you are going to sign a contract with, get to know your potential vendors by meeting the team. Don’t just look at reviews and stick with the bigger players. Sometimes bigger companies have many more reviews and a bigger sales team as well as marketing budget, but it’s always good to not just review but also look into companies that may be smaller and can be more flexible; not just with price, but with features as well. Smaller companies may not have the marketing dollars but are more than willing to accommodate special requests from companies that will help build their brand. It’s also important to note that smaller companies, as well as newer companies, put much more money into research and development of their solution in order to be competitive with bigger and more well known companies. Smaller companies a force to be reckoned with and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Step 3: Go Over Options With Internal Management Team

Many factors and departments will be effected by implementing a CPQ solution into a new business structure so it’s important to factor in each group by considering how each one will take the challenge of change. All new ventures are dealt with a bit of pushback, especially with individuals who may be used to a routine and traditional sense of doing business. But, change needs to happen in order to prosper in the more digital and technical world. A configurator and CPQ solution could be that force that sets your company apart from its competitors.

Step 4: Set Next Steps With Selected Company

Chances are your vendors have a sensible idea of what your final solution is to look like, both visually and internally in the back end. A CPQ solution may seem like a big undertaking, but it can be simply broken up into different phases. Consider what would be the best first step and focus on that in order not to become overwhelmed. This could be a proof of concept for a bigger solution or a trial in order to elicit response from the sales and marketing team for what they like and dislike about the potential software. An important point to consider as well would be how much of the implementation your internal team be taking on versus would the bulk of the implementation be through the guidance of the vendor partner? Some implementations may be faster and out-of-the-box, but may not have the flexibility that your team decides on.

Whatever road you decide to take, Verenia offers an array of solutions for your business. We would enjoy guiding you through your CPQ and eCommerce journey if we meet your criteria. Contact us to schedule a time that would fit with your schedule to see how EosCloudStore can help your business.