Change Is Here, and the Furniture Industry is Ready


The United States has been booming with industry since the 1800s. The manufacturing industry in the U.S. has evolved since the the first settlers arrived to colonize America, from small family-owned shops to multinational corporations. An industry that has seen great change and an immense amount of growth has been the furniture industry. Through hard work and traditional means, furniture industry forefathers saw their organizations bloom, but one thing is at the forefront for manufacturers of today: Change is here, and the furniture industry is ready.

The biggest theme we heard after our VP of Sales visited High Point Market in April was that dealers and manufacturers are finally gearing up for reinventing how they deal with eCommece in their organizations. With technology ever evolving, the furniture industry has been slow to change in determining which trends and changes will be fruitful once implemented, but one thing seems to a universal thought no matter the industry: WE must adapt as change is constant in the digital world.

As the furniture industry evolved from small shops to global businesses, organizations needed to find a way to not only deliver products to their customers, but also give their dealers a simple way to quote and order their products all while keeping track of their merchandise being sold. Many companies began to organically build an in-house solution, but as technology advanced and digital innovations and factors such as B2B eCommerce and visual configuration began to take shape in the furniture industry, many organizations looked for a solution that could take care of all these pain points and more.

Here at Verenia we saw that our flagship product, EosCloudStore, could be tailored seamlessly to integrate with furniture manufacturers and their needs and wants, giving their customers a modern furniture experience. Through our guided selling technology and configuration expertise, we are enabling many furniture customers to not only showcase their products online, but integrate the entire showroom and eCommerce shopping ideology into their sales platform. An integration that many industries, such as the boating and automotive industry, have already implemented into their selling structure.

Verenia has been focusing our research and development initiatives into the furniture industry knowing that change is coming to the industry. With the digital world continuing to transition, it is only a matter of time before every furniture manufacturer and dealer has a B2B and B2C eCommerce and configuration solution in place. The important thing to remember is that time is always of the essence, especially in the business world. What your competitor offers dealers and prospective buyers will directly impact your market share and your brand. Don’t hesitate to learn more; schedule a demo with us today to see how EosCloudStore can help you strengthen your relationship with dealers, give access to users to quote, order and price their own merchandise with your guided price points - all through the same platform. Schedule a Demo with us today or learn more about the Furniture Industry and how EosCloudStore can help you.